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Handmade Ceramic


Old Jaffa, Israel


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Dinner ware

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Shell Bowl

A wonderful gift or a table decor



Capsule Collection for 


Capsule Collection for 

Jewish Museum

About my work

Irit Goldberg’s ceramics are parts of sets, but also act as individual items, each with its own unique nuance; non-symmetrical, imprinted with floral or wave patterns, perforated, they give an illusion that the original handmade earthenware objects are crumpled, wrinkled and weightless, as if we were looking at them through a screen of a water flow.

In actuality, despite their light weight, the items are strong, stable and made for frequent and everyday use. The touches of gold, silver, and other slight stains of color glisten and sparkle, and each plate, cup and bowl are a delicate, treasure-like jewel, extricated from the bottom of the ocean. These visual manifestations relate the objects with the surrounding antiques of the Old City of Jaffa, where the gallery is located, and with the Mediterranean Sea, laden with fragmented cultural history. In their appearance, the ceramics appropriate various histories of the Judaica, European, English and old Greek ceramics, and the juxtaposed vintage objects, collected in Western and Central Europe for many years, are well-dignified next to Goldberg’s original works of art. The small gallery near the old port of Jaffa creates an authentic atmosphere of a rarity - a place where secret and unique treasures can be found.



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